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How do they work?

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What level of player are PRACTICE PROMPTS aimed at?

Any musician can benefit from bringing Practice Prompts into their routine. Beginners may not understand some of the instructions, but there's always Google. Advanced players can use their imagination to increase the challenge presented by the cards.

I don't understand what it says on one of the cards. Help?

The answers to the most common questions regarding music theory and practice will show up on a quick Google search. If you’re still left wondering, feel free to get in touch with us :)

I already have an established practice routine. Are Practice Prompts for me?

Practice Prompts are for any musician who ever asks, 'what shall I practice now?' And needs help to come up with an answer.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist. Should I buy more than one Practice Prompts pack?

Yes! While some cards (4-6) are so fundamental to good music practice that we included them in every pack, most of the cards in each deck are unique and tailored to the specifics of each instrument.

Will Practice Prompts make me a better musician?

No. Only you have the power to do that. Drawing a card from your Practice Prompts deck will give you a spark; a starting point; inspiration. It's up to you to take this and use it as a means of developing your musical skills. We believe in you!

What do they cost?

One pack costs £15.00 plus shipping.

When can I get them?

Practice Prompts are available now through Amazon. Click here to select your pack!

If you have any further questions, please contact us!

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