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‘Really clever idea and a great way to learn. My son has been drumming for five years and has used them to reinvigorate his practice sessions and try new things.

He particularly liked the different range of prompts which were great!

Would highly recommend!'

Ian, Somerset

'The prompts are short, clear and inspiring, a perfect blend of challenge and encouragement.

They aim to transform the way in which we play and practice and the directions in the cards allow curiosity to take over. I cannot recommend highly enough.'

Sasha, Bristol

'The practice prompts are a fun and different way to spend my practice time.

At one point I drew the ‘hydrate!’ card and it made me giggle. I’d been doing the same thing in my practice all the time but the cards helped me to bring some different ideas into my practice sessions.'

Natalia, Weston-super-Mare

'The practice prompts are a great way to improve at the drums. If you're ever unsure what to do while at your drum kit, you can use the Practice Prompts to give you fun and interesting ideas to help you progress at drumming.'

Max, Weston-super-Mare

'Practice Prompts bring a fun element to practice whilst still being worthwhile.'

'Practice Prompts make you listen carefully.'

'Practice Prompts helped me find new songs to play to and they were fun!'

'Practice Promps helped me remember that it's fun to play!'

'It was great to look at my music collection and narrow it down to 10 songs to play, and also to listen to songs I haven't heard before/for a long time.'

'Practice Prompts taught me to control the difficulty level in my practice and also helped develop my memory.'

'The cards contain simple but valuable ideas which inspired me to do something I perhaps wouldn't have even thought of doing before.'

'Practice Prompts give you freedom to play what you want but it also make you play different ideas or things that you wouldn’t have thought of before.'

'Practice Prompts are fun and it's a great way to practice.'

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